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Half Up/ Half Down

1. Start with the hair down

2. Section off the crown area

3. Take a section from each side- crossing over the middle and secure with an elastic

4. Topsy tail (flip your ponytail in on its self) and pull out the sections

5. Take your remaining front sections and them across to the other side and put into a ponytail

6. Topsy tail and pull out for texture

7. Curl the remaining hair that is down

8. FINI!

Inverted Chignon

1. Start with hair down

2 Pull hair back into a low ponytail

3. Flip ponytail inside its self

4. Back comb ponytail and secure the ends with another hair elastic 

5.  Take ponytail section and flip it up

6. Tuck ends into gap and pin

7. Hold down sides and pin (no gaps)

8. Accessorize! 


 Easy Half Up | Half Down

1. Start with hair down 

2. Section off your top crown section and pin

3. Pull the remaining hair back into a ponytail and pull out sides for volume and texture

4. Split ponytail into two sections and twist

5. Pull out volume

6. Take twisted section and wrap it around itself

7. Pin ends underneath and secure 

8. Pull out bun to give it a loose boho-y look!


Textured Bun

1. Start with hair down

2. Curl the top crown area ONLY

3. Pull the hair into a ponytail- leaving out the front sections

4. Pull ponytail into bun

5. Pull out texture in bun

6. Take side section and twist it back- leaving pieces hanging on the side

* Repeat on opposite side*

7. Pull twist over bun ( covering hair elastic) 

8. Pin and pull out texture!


Elegant Low Bun

1. Start with hair down

2. Section off the crown area  and put into a ponytail THEN take remaining side pieces and put into a ponytail on top of previous ponytail

*two ponytails one on top of another*

3. Take those sections and tie them into a knot

4. Take knot and pull the tails vertically 

5. Pin top piece down (hiding any elastics)

6. Take remaining hair and tie into a knot

7. Twist tails together and wrap around bun

8. Pull up volume

9. DONE! 

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