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1. Forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental.

Bridal Hairstyling Education

2. The essential facts or principles of a subject or skill

Bridal Basics is a one-to-one bridal hair class that teaches other professionals the basics of polished, modern, effortless styling, as we’re passionate about helping you reach your full potential and want to give you confidence in the industry!

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Are you a new stylist wanting to learn the ins and outs of bridal hairstyling? Perhaps you’re a hairdresser thinking about moving into the bridal hair industry and want to know more about the foundations of clean, frizz-free styling.

Or maybe you’re looking to expand and improve your bridal business.

Whatever the case, I'm here to help YOU get started!

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X  Taming fly-aways

X   Hiding pins 

X   Understanding a style and how to achieve it

X   Proper proportions 

X   Finding your ideal client

X  Filling your summer schedule

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..then you are in the right place!

Perfect For Beginners
Or Stylists Wanting To
Refresh And Update
Their Skills.

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- What tools to use + how to use them

- What products to use to eliminate frizz and give maximum hold

- How to properly backcomb (the most important step & often overlooked!)

- Hiding your pins

- How to break down a hairstyle into easy-to-do steps

the extra bits

How to take and edit photos of your work

- What apps to use to help keep your social media consistent

- How to grow your audience and your engagement

- What systems you should have in place

- Growing your brand + attracting your ideal client
- How to book more brides and fill your schedule!


We’ll work on tension, placement, texture, and direction using my favourite products & tools, and as soon as you’ve mastered these methods, there’s really no limit on what you can achieve! 

I'll also be sharing tried-and-tested tips and tricks with social media that have worked to fill my schedule – you’ll soon be taking your bridal styling portfolio to scintillating new heights.

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What You'll Need To Bring:

- Phone/ Camera

- Note Pad

- Pen/ Pencil

- Model

What You'll Get:

- Product Knowledge

- Proper Prep

- 2 x Hairstyles start to finish

- How to Take & Edit Photos

- Using Instagram/ Tips & Tricks 

- Product gift bag 

- Q&A


- 5 hours



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What You'll Need to Bring:

- Note Pad

- Pen / Pencil

Crimper / Texture Iron

-  Smoothing Cream

- Wax Spray

- Non-Aerosol Hairspray

- Volumizing Powder

- Model/ Mannequin

- Fork Comb

- Tail Comb

- Bobby Pins

- Hair Elastics

What You'll Get:

- Product Knowledge

- Proper Prep

- 1 x Hairstyle

- How to Take & Edit Photos

- Using Instagram

- Q&A

- Video Replay



- 3 hours